Thursday, 4 December 2014

New House - Babies 43 & 44

Life in the new house was a blur. We all missed the rest of the family but felt it was time for a change and Bradly couldn't refuse this job promotion, it was perfect for him. He was almost at the top and I was so proud of him. 

Natasha and Levi had left to go to University and were flourishing. They would be staying in the old town and were talking about renting a place together near the sea. 

Just before we'd left town, a tragic event took Lexi-Ann and Antonia away from us. According to eyewitnesses, they were coming home from school on the bus like normal. The bus crashed and only two survived. Danny had been off sick but he still feels slightly guilty about the whole ordeal, like he should have stopped it or something. I don't know how. I am glad he wasn't on the bus too - losing children is hard enough in itself but a part of Lexi-Ann and Antonia survived through him. 

Danny as a teen
Amelie (child)
Eve (child)
Claire (child)
Shortly after their deaths, the triplets aged up, Claire, Eve and Amelie - all beautiful and all mischievous! And then a few weeks after we moved into the new house, we discovered I was pregnant again! Twins! Because there were some distressing scans, we found out the gender and named them just in case. Fortunately, everything was fine and we gave birth to two beautiful and healthy baby boys - 
Landon and Leo. Babies 43 and 44. 

Landon - Baby 43

Leo - Baby 44

We also got a new kitten called Maya - a shy little thing and an extremely loyal pup called Sandy. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Oh Look, Another Update.

Once again, I'm really sorry I haven't updated this in ages. I haven't been myself to be perfectly honest and I know that sounds like a shit excuse but it's true. I left college early to take a job and then unfortunately, they phoned me up whilst I was sick to let me go, one day before I'd been there a month. This really hit me hard and after 4 months, I still haven't been back to the town I worked in even though my aunt lives there. I'm only just starting to get over what happened and get my confidence back up, but unfortunately, I still haven't been able to find a job. 

Now, you may be thinking "Oh well, you haven't had a job - you have so much time to update this blog" And yes, you're right in a sense. Technically though, I'm not meant to be on my pc before 4pm and have to come off at 10pm (I'm 20, this is ridiculous). Also, when I do get the chance to come on (when nobody is home) I haven't really felt like playing or updating this. 

I really want to get started on this again, because when I did it, I enjoyed it. I loaded up my game earlier and couldn't view the family tree and when I tried to visit Jayda's family, my game crashed. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but I absolutely love the whole family tree system - a reason I haven't bought Sims4. I play Sims for the generation aspect. I like being able to see what happens in future generations etc. So the family tree was a big part of the game for me, especially to keep track of the challenge. 

The only way I could fix it was to either completely uninstall my game and see if that fixed it or to move Jayda and her household to a new town. I took that option as I didn't want to lose Jayda completely (I've grown quite attached to her!) but unfortunately, couldn't bring everyone across. I also lost her children. I did however, manage to keep a few children and Jayda and Bradly so I can continue this and hopefully update this blog more regularly. 

Monday, 14 April 2014


Eddie and Candace had a baby girl; Juanita. 

And then a baby boy; Abraham. 

[pic here]

Kerrie Toms and her first boyfriend Marcel had a little boy; Eli.

And then Kerrie went on to have a little girl; Roxanne with her new boyfriend Hugh.

Kerrie's mother, Ellen had another child with Steve and named their daughter; Ebony

[pic here]

Colm and his girlfriend Marissa Costello moved out and had a baby boy; Moshe and are expecting another child.

Sasha got married to her prom date and childhood sweetheart Santos Michaud and they had a baby girl; Ariella ...

and then a baby boy; Adolfo.

[pic here]

And Jayda? She had twins...

and Levi.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Moon Family Has Amazing Genes!

Hello... again. I'm aware I keep leaving this blog and coming back to it with updates, but I haven't been myself recently and I've been swamped down with coursework. I also have this thing where I'm not getting as many views as I used to get and am getting no comments at all anymore which tbh annoys me slightly, because I'm not even close to finishing my challenge and people have already got bored of it :/ This meant that I got to the point where I felt I was doing it more for myself than anyone else which is probably what I'm doing now and I will just update this when I feel like it unless people start reading again, in which case, I will post proper bits like I used to... I'm only saying this because I can't be bothered to put in all the effort anymore for nobody to read it.

Anyway, the reason for this post...

I'm currently playing Jayda's family and happened to look opposite her house and realised that her granddaughter, Ellen Toms (Loretta's second child) (Loretta is Jayda's second child) lived there with her own daughter, Jayda's great granddaughter, Kerrie Toms who is pregnant with Jayda's great great grandchild! (I'm personally hoping for a girl, to carry this on!) I went and had a closer look at them in CAS (I normally do this anyway to just spice up their hair and outfits as I don't always like the normal ones) and I realised that the Moon family has some amazing genes as the line of children all look very very similar. 

So, here we have Jayda, the founder of this challenge. 

Her second child was Loretta.

Loretta had Ellen 

who then had Kerrie.

So, you may be looking at that, thinking "Ok, there are similarities." I put them all onto Photoshop and layered them just to see how close they were... 

So, this first image is Jayda and her daughter Loretta. 

Then we have Loretta and her daughter Ellen. (facially identical even the piercings)

And then Ellen and her daughter, Kerrie. (K has the nose piercing same as Jayda and Ellen has the snakebites same as Loretta) 

Apart from hair colour, these four generations are practically identical... 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken - Babies 32, 33 and 34

Being with Bradly felt completely normal. It was like being at the start of a school relationship. He would come up behind me and hold my waist, he would be there when I turned around and would take my hands and he would pull me into hugs, exclaiming how happy he was to have me. 

After work one day, he surprised me in the back garden with some beautiful red roses and we hopped in the shower together. We were living some sort of perfect life, with our two children. Two seemed like a strange amount to me now, but at the same time it was perfect. Colm and Sasha were well-behaved and we loved them. 

One thing I was uncertain about was what to do about my challenge. I loved Bradly with all my heart and couldn't cheat on him, but I had sworn to do this challenge till 100. He led me by the hand outside and we sat in the snow, watching the stars up above. 

"Look, that star there is called Jayda. She shines the brightest in the sky."
I had to laugh. He was just so sweet and funny.

"Oh ha ha, and look that one there, do you see it. It's called Big Pillock." 
He had an amazing laugh, it could almost take my mind off my worries. I wasn't sure what to do. Things were going so well between us, and I soon fell pregnant again. I was 100% sure this child was Bradly's and I yearned to meet the child, but at the same time was worried. Did this mean I had broken the rules? Each child had to be with a different man, unless they were multiples. This would be my 6th child with Bradly now. 

Leaving Bradly to do work, I headed outside with Sasha. While she bounced on the trampoline, I practiced my mixology skill.

I'd stopped for a minute to watch Sasha do some tricks on the trampoline when I felt the familiar sensation of my waters breaking. Sasha ran over, not really sure how to help.

"It's fine, just help me upstairs."

Baby 32 - Wyatt Moon


Baby 33 - Aphrodite Moon


and Baby 34 - Shawnie Moon

(Sorry this was short, I'm still getting back into the blogging aspect!)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Since The Last Time

1. Aislinn and his wife, Benni died. They left their child, Chin-Han as an orphan. 

2. Loretta died and her second daughter, Ellen gave birth to a baby girl called Kerrie. Kerrie is Jayda's first great grandchild.

3. Zane, Kaylum, Hallie, Scott, Fergal, Gomez and Pugsley all passed away.

3. Alfie had a daughter, Kiana. 


4. Shane had twins, Brooke and Ichelle.



5. Tyler had a son, Vincent.


6. Calista and Kim Moon died. 

7. Had baby 23, Shane Moon and his twin, baby 24, Tyler Moon. 

Shane Moon

Tyler Moon

8.  Then came triplet girls, Maisie, Ellie-May and Stevie-Rae. 

Maisie Moon

Ellie-May Moon

Stevie-Rae Moon

9. Baby 28, Eddie Moon.

10. Baby 29, Hugh Moon. 


11. Baby 30, Colm Moon.

 Jayda managed to have another child with Bradly. They had a ghost girl, Sasha.

Sasha, in human form (toddler)

Sasha, in human form (teen)

12. Jayda managed to bring both Bradly and Sasha back from the dead. 

[ The little stars are just a reference for me where to put the pictures when I find them again! ]