Thursday, 4 December 2014

New House - Babies 43 & 44

Life in the new house was a blur. We all missed the rest of the family but felt it was time for a change and Bradly couldn't refuse this job promotion, it was perfect for him. He was almost at the top and I was so proud of him. 

Natasha and Levi had left to go to University and were flourishing. They would be staying in the old town and were talking about renting a place together near the sea. 

Just before we'd left town, a tragic event took Lexi-Ann and Antonia away from us. According to eyewitnesses, they were coming home from school on the bus like normal. The bus crashed and only two survived. Danny had been off sick but he still feels slightly guilty about the whole ordeal, like he should have stopped it or something. I don't know how. I am glad he wasn't on the bus too - losing children is hard enough in itself but a part of Lexi-Ann and Antonia survived through him. 

Danny as a teen
Amelie (child)
Eve (child)
Claire (child)
Shortly after their deaths, the triplets aged up, Claire, Eve and Amelie - all beautiful and all mischievous! And then a few weeks after we moved into the new house, we discovered I was pregnant again! Twins! Because there were some distressing scans, we found out the gender and named them just in case. Fortunately, everything was fine and we gave birth to two beautiful and healthy baby boys - 
Landon and Leo. Babies 43 and 44. 

Landon - Baby 43

Leo - Baby 44

We also got a new kitten called Maya - a shy little thing and an extremely loyal pup called Sandy. 

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